Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools that a brand can use. But with ever-changing algorithms and a never-ending need for fresh content, it can feel overwhelming to keep up with. The ideal solution is to hire an experienced social media manager to do the work, but as small businesses, that’s not always in the budget. 


    That’s why I’ve put together this intensive, two-hour course on social media best practices for small businesses. As a former social media manager with a diverse portfolio of past clients, I understand how brands can leverage their social platforms to grow their businesses, and I’m here to teach you everything you need to know. From what platforms work best for your business, to how many times a day you should be posting, we’ll cover the most frequently asked questions

    before taking a deeper dive into each platform. 


    Attend this workshop to learn how to: 


    • Manage a Facebook business page 

    • Make the Instagram algorithm work for you

    • Use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website 

    • Create cross-platform content strategies 

    • Build a cohesive digital brand 

    • Optimize your workflow for efficient content creation

    • Take advantage of Instagram stories

    • Find the best hashtags for your business 

    • Two-Hour Educational Workshop

    • FREE Copy of My Social Media Best Practices Workbook

    • Exclusive Discounts on One-on-One Consultations, Copyediting and Content Writing Services

    Designed specifically for small businesses and entrepreneurs to gain the resources and information necessary to create an ROI from their social media channels, this two-hour workshop will cover best practices for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. We’ll include time to make sure you get all your burning questions answered, so you’ll leave feeling prepared to take your social channels to the next level.