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A professional digital marketer, I've spent the last few years creating content for small businesses and large brands alike.


I know how important it is for brands to not only capture attention online,  but also to create long lasting relationships with their audience.

Whether you need help creating content for your website, defining your brand identity, or growing your audience on social media, I'm here for you. 

Together, let's create connections through content. 





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I love words, and I'd love to write for your and your business. From website copy to blog posts, you tell me what you want to say and I’ll help you find your voice and put it to words.

Branding is so much more than a cute logo and pretty fonts. Your brand identify defines who you are and why you do what you do, and it helps you form lasting connections with your clients or customers.

An experienced social media manager with a portfolio of diverse clients,  I offer personalized social media consultations. We’ll dive into best practices, tips and tricks, and custom recommendations.

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I booked a consultation with Codi because I wanted some guidance in starting social media for my freelance business (for the very first time!). Codi told me right away which platforms were best for what I wanted out of social media and how to make the most of them (plus what NOT to do). Now I'm a lot more confident about venturing into using social media for business. If you're feeling overwhelmed by all the social media "tips" out there, it's 100% worth it to book time with Codi for personalized and specific help.

Krista Walsh | Krista Walsh Copywriting