How to Host the Perfect Girls’ Night In

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If you’re like me, sometimes the best girl’s night out... is actually a girl’s night in. I’m talking face masks, wine, and Sex and the City marathons.

Sure, getting dressed up and going out can be fun! But sometimes you’re just drained, and you can’t imagine being forced to speak to another living soul except your UberEats delivery driver.

Especially with the winter months coming up, no one really wants to bundle up to hit the bars. I mean, why wait in line for drinks when you can mix up the perfect cocktail from the comfort of your own home?

So as somewhat of an expert introvert, I’ve rounded up my favorite tips for hosting the *coziest* Girls’ Night In!

Set the Vibe:

Setting the scene is key! Gather up all your throw pillows and fuzzy blankets and create a cozy nook on your couch, or anywhere else with ample seating. (If you don’t have a ton of seating options, throw pillows on the floor are your best friend!)

You’ll also want to create some ambiance with mood lighting. I’m talking aaall the fall candles! You’ll create a low key vibe, with the added bonus of making your entire home smell like a pumpkin. And if you’re not such a big fan of flames, twinkle lights strung around your space can have the same effect!

Last, make sure everyone get the casual dress code! Think leggings, with flannels and sweaters. You’ll want to make sure everyone can relax and have fun, and there’s nothing worse than trying to chill in jeans.


Let Them Eat Cake... And Wine and Cheese

The way to a girl’s heart? Food. More specifically - cheese. So you’re going to want to make sure your snack selection is top-knotch!

Put together a bougie cheese board with a simple trip to Trader Joes. If you’re not sure what to grab, you’re always safe when you follow the “one hard, one soft, one blue” rule. Next, add some proteins and carbs - nuts, prosciutto, crackers, baguette chips - the possibilities are endless! Lay it all out on a pretty platter, and voila! Instagram material for everyone.

For the main course, go with something simple like pizza or Chinese takeout. This way, no one gets stuck in the kitchen cooking!

If you want to make it a boozy girl’s night, make sure the drink cart is stocked and ready. You really can’t go wrong with a mix of red and white wines, but you might have fun crafting some seasonal cocktails! May I suggest this ​Caramel Apple Sangria?

So Much Room For Activities

While there’s nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned gossip session, you might want to have a few activities ready in case the small talk starts to get awkward.

Of course, no girl’s night is complete without face masks. DIY your own, or pick up a few beforehand! (I highly recommend the Summer Friday’s new ​Overtime Mask​. It smells like you're rubbing an actual pumpkin pie on your face... in the best way.)

Netflix marathons are also a great staple activity, or you can simply invite everyone over to watch the fall premiere of your favorite TV show. Planning your night around a specific show or movie can be a great way to put together a theme, too!

If you’re getting together a group of friends who don’t know each other that well, it can help to break the tension if you give them an activity to do with their hands! Plan some kind of craft project that you can all do together as a group, so there’s something for everyone to focus on other than *just* trying to make friends, and you’ll have built-in conversation starters. Plus, everyone gets to take something home! Not sure where to start? Creative Tribe offers private craft workshops from the comfort of your own living room! Just pick your craft, and we’ll provide the materials and the instructor.

So the next time your friends suggest a night out and you just ​can’t​ anymore, suggest a cozy Girls’ Night In instead!